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Today is lord Suncesus' birthday. Any and all within their presence should be currently bowing before her majestic might and making the day a fabulous one for her. Here's a start, so long as Ren doesn't smack him in the head. Your move on that one, though.
Happy birthday, Tia! I hope today is / was fabulous, because that’s what you are and you should accept nothing less, especially today. <:

Unless you are the recipient for this work, please do not remove the credit or repost. Even if Sun Ce is giving you bedroom eyes. They’re meant for Tia, so please be courteous!
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It’s much more majestic, I’m told.

How Gan Ning actually lost his nipples…

The best thing about being a dwarf, you ask?

Dragunov (intro 2), Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Lili (intro 2), Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Requested by lovelyheiress-wtf.